Step 2 - Manage Page Content

Once your Tournament has been created, it will activate a mini-site. To access the site go to Content and use the dropdown to find your site.

Setup Main Navigation

Site Pages (Menu) section allows you to add or remove pages from the Tournament site. There are pre-populated pages in here already. Hover over a page and click the trash can to delete it. Double click a page to change the name of it. Add New page will let you create a new page. 

Editing Pages

Go to Manage Page Content- Click on the page you wish to Edit. Use the buttons in the top right corner to make changes to that page. 

Basic Features

Navigate to this section to add News Articles, Events (Ending ceremony etc.) and Sponsors/Quick Links. Remember, these will ONLY appear on your Tournament site.


There is also a special page available for you to use as a replacement for posting paper-based standings in your venue(s). All you need is a computer with an internet connection and either a projector, television, or large monitor at your tournament venue(s). The tournament kiosk-mode pages are available at

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