The list of Organization Sponsors is a way for your organization to provide high-value advertising spaces to companies or individuals who wish to place their ads on your website. Each sponsor can optionally have their company logo and / or website automatically linked with their advertising space. If the sponsor's website is given, your website will automatically track the date & time that the sponsor's link was clicked, as well as noting the page that was displayed and the IP address of the person who clicked it.

Navigate to Basic Features -> Organization Sponsors. Click Add Sponsor. Fill out the required information and upload a logo if possible.

You can Toggle the status to make this a Major Sponsor. This will showcase that Sponsor on the Team Sites as well as the main site. 

Sponsors can be done at the Team level as well. Team Sponsors will only show on the Team page unless they are toggled as Major.

TIP: To view a full page of sponsors, there is a page type called Sponsors that you can add into your main navigation.

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