Setting Up Divisions

Divisions allow for proper Registration based on Age, Gender, Limits etc.

Navigate to My League —> Divisions. Select your Season and click Create Division.

Start filling out your information. Click Create when finished.


Age Restriction - Uncheck Age Restriction if you don't need this field. Min DOB is the oldest possible date the registrant could have been born. Max DOB is the youngest possible date the registrant could have been born.

Registration Limit - Set the limit of how many registrants you want to be accepted into the division or leave at unlimited.

Enable Waitlist - Allows registrants to register for the waitlist once the division limit is reached. This will be greyed out until you select a limit for the division. Waitlist Expire Days is asking how many days a reservation has before it is expired and sent to the next person in the list. So with a value of 3 it would give people 3 days to accept their spot, otherwise cancelling it and sending a chance to the next person on the waitlist.

Capture Custom Roles -

  1. By default these roles are optional to select. If they need to properly enforce limits across multiple roles they must select "Is Required" to enforce that someone must pick at least one of the possible roles. Otherwise people could choose not to select any at all.
  2. Cost Adjustment allows you to adjust the cost of registration up or down for specific roles. Ex; giving a discount to goalies, or additional cost for goalies. Discount are expressed as a negative value.

A great example of this is below:

Enable Order Email - Allows you to write an email that will be sent to a registrant once they complete registration. This template can then be enabled or disabled for each of the forms you later assign to this division.

Enable Offline Payments - Allows a button at checkout to bypass credit card payments and allows registrant to click "Offline payment." They can choose e-transfer, cash, cheque. They are then put into a pending state and you will need to manually put in a payment once you receive it.

Invite Only - Any division that you don't want publicly facing (Rep etc) and only select individuals can register.

If you have checked this off, you can manage it from the Divisions main page.

See this article for more information on Inviting Registrants.

Your Division will now appear in the list on the Divisions page. where you can Edit or Delete it.

Additional Options

You can duplicate this Division to make another one. It allows you to change any of the settings you had previously selected. This allows for easy setup of multiple divisions. Hit Duplicate and Duplicate again when done.

Special Requests - Registrants often request to be on the same team as their friends. We allow this option by choosing Special Requests.

Click Create. Select Player One and Player Two and hit Add Request.

TIP: You can also create these special requests at a later date from the teams section. When you go to build out your teams at a later date, these will appear there for you to see.

When you are all finished it will look something like this:

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