Step 1 - Setup

The first step is to double check and set up your settings. Go to Admin - Setup & Settings - Officials Settings. TIP: If you don't see this page then the module has not been added for your association. Please contact to have it enabled.

There are descriptions that explain which each setting is for. Feel free to change or adjust as needed.

Your next step is to add an Assignor(s) to the website. Make sure their permission is set to be the Assignor role. Click here to see how to add a new user.

One last step is to enter an email address into these two areas. Admin - Email Admin - Email Settings.

When using the Officials module, you have the use of a Custom Portal. This gives the module it's own site within your SportsHeadz website that is strictly for the Officials module and can have it's own content etc. You are now ready to assign a user(s) to be able to edit within that site. When adding this user or updating an existing one, the role you want to assign is Webmaster for that custom portal.

To navigate to this site from the public side, you need to login and then hover over your name in the top right corner. Click on Officials Portal.

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