Adding Users

Site users are those people within your organization that need to update content.  Users may include Organization or team webmasters, scheduler(s), registrar(s), and game assignor(s).  Please note that Game Officials (refs, time keepers, umpires, etc.) also will require logins, however these are created and maintained within the Game Officials Module only.
A new user can be set-up by going to:
Admin -> Manage Users -> View All Users.  Within the top right-hand corner there is an "Add User" button.
Once the UserName, Password, Real Name and Email Address are filled-in please go to the  second tab titled "Control Panel Roles".  Select the proper role for your user within the drop-down boxes on the left.  If an explanation is needed, the Roles Definitions can be located on the bottom of the page.  Once the proper role is selected you must click the Green link "Add/Update Role" within the middle of the page, which will move the new role into the grey box on the right as shown.

If a user is added without being given a role they will be able to login to the site, however will not be able to see or modify information.  Once the "Insert" button is clicked at the bottom you cannot go back later to notify the user of their new login, which is why the "Insert & Notify" button is always recommended.  By clicking notify, the user will receive an email with their login credentials as well as a few steps to guide them on how to login to the system.
Please note that a user can have more than 1 role and a role can have more than 1 user.  There are no limits as to how many users can be entered within the system.

If the Global Administrator role is assigned, that user has access to all information within the site EXCEPT the Game Officials module as an assignor, as when games are schedule an email is automatically sent to everyone with access to this module.  

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