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Please ensure that your association has added you or at least 1 other coach to the team’s APP roster via the website. This needs to be done so that you or another coach has access to accept or deny team join requests. If you login to the App and see that you do not belong to any teams or if you tried to join yourself and your request is pending, please reach out to your association to make sure the above has been done.

Once logged in to your App, any Upcoming events that are already scheduled for the team will appear on the homepage.

You can click on any of the events to see the details of that event and set arrival times. Availability (Attendance) for the roster is shown in the Availability tab for the event. As a coach, you can make selections for other members by clicking on their name.

To manage your profile, select it from the top right corner of the App. Here you can add a photo, edit your profile, see any invitations you have and also change your password.

The hamburger menu in the top left corner gives you access to all of the

different sections within the App. From here you can access the Events for any teams you belong to, your Teams, the Messenger section, Tournaments and much more.


Clicking in this area gives you access to the events for your team. If you belong to multiple teams, you can toggle between them using the dropdown bar. Click on the Event itself to take you to the Event details page and the Availability page. You also have access to the “Hangouts” section which is basically an area where you can create events for your team (IE: Team meeting after practice in the parking lot) etc.


Clicking in this area lets you see the teams you belong to as well as add yourself to different teams. By clicking on a team you already belong to as a coach, you can see the Roster, Team Join Requests, Add/Invite Team Members, Assign Guardians, Modify Roles, Create Basic Members or remove yourself from the team. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR PLAYERS AS BASIC MEMBERS (SEE BELOW) BEFORE YOU START ACCEPTING PARENT’S JOIN REQUESTS. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE ROSTERS ENTERED FIRST, THEN YOU CAN’T ASSIGN THE PLAYER TO THE GUARDIAN FROM THAT STEP. YOU WOULD HAVE TO GO BACK IN AND MANUALLY ASSIGN THEM AFTER.

  1. Roster – Allows you to view the roster, assign guardians, modify roles for people and also remove them from the team.
  2. Team Join Requests – Any parents/players who have requested to join the team will sit here until you approve them. When you accept the request, you can either assign them to their child OR skip that for now. If you skip it, make sure you go back into the Roster section later and assign them. There are benefits in the App to assigning the guardian to the child.
  3. Add/Invite Team Member – You can use this feature to invite people via email
  4. Create Basic Member – This is for adding players who are too young to have their own account. IE: The guardian will manage the account. Creating the player as Basic Member allows you to enter the player with only their name so that you can assign their guardian to them.
  5. Visit Team Website – Takes you directly to the team website
  6. Leave Team – Remove yourself from the team


  • Have them download the App and search for the team. You will accept the request.
  • Have them use the Team Code to join. You can ask your association for this code OR you can find it by navigating to your team site on the association website. Click on this image and the code is located on that page.
  • Invite them via email as mentioned above.


This area takes you into the chat section. Existing chats will appear in the list. To start a new chat click the blue plus sign.

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