Online Auctions

An online auction can be set-up on your MBSportsWeb site.  An online auction would act similarly to a silent auction, in the way that bidders can login to bid, enter bids based on a set Minimum bid and increment levels, etc.  Once the bidder has placed his/her bid they will receive email notification confirmation.  If a bidder is outbid on their item an email will also be received notifying the bidder and allowing them to quickly re-bid if wanted.   Auctions can be set-up on both team and organization levels.

Before setting up an online auction, please make sure you check with local authorities on any rules and regulations that may impact silent auctions such as requiring permits.
To set-up an online auction please follow these steps:
Manage Site Content -> Advanced Features -> Auctions.  To initially set-up an auction you'll need to click the "View List / Add New" option, then in the top right corner "Add Auction".  A title, start date and end date/time are required.
Once you've added an auction, it can be managed by going to:  Manage Site Content -> Advanced Features -> Auctions -> Manage Auctions -> select your auction.  Items can be entered by clicking "Add Item" in the top right corner.  If an item is already entered, you can double-click to edit as needed.
Note that when adding items, if the sort order is set to "0" for all items the system will automatically organize your items based on the difference between the retail value and the current bid.  The higher the difference the higher ranking the item will appear as your auction runs.
An online auction can be pre-populated at any time prior to it launching.  A notice will appear on your organization page 3 days in advance of the auction beginning, with a link to the auction items.  Bidding can only begin once the specified date/time has passed.
Once the auction has ended, you will have the ability to export your winners classified by Item or by Bidder as needed.  It is up to the Organization to email bidders with pick-up and payment details as needed.  Online payment for auction items is not currently enabled.
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