Integrate with GameSheet Inc - Player Statistics

If your association or league is using electronic game sheets from GameSheet Inc ( it will be possible display player statistics from that system directly within your website.  Note - if you have multiple "groups" using the GameSheet Inc system you can display stats for only the groups you choose - this does not affect your ability to store & calculate stats within the GameSheet Inc system.

Configuring the Player Statistics Provider

The SportsHeadz platform can display player statistics for the following:
  • Houseleague "Leagues" contained within a single association,
  • Hosted Tournament "Groups" for tournaments hosted by a single association, 
  • TheOneDB Groups - used by multi-association leagues only and requires both TheOneDB and SportsHeadz to be used by the league, but the process for setting up the scores extraction is similar.
In order to configure the display of player statistics from the GameSheet Inc system at a minimum you will need to know your "League URL" in their system as well as the "Division ID(s)" used in their system.  It may also be beneficial to know the "Game Type" IDs to separate stats for regular season games.  Your GameSheet Inc representative will provide these to you.
To summarize, for houseleague the page is located in Manage Site Content -> (choose league site) -> Setup & Settings -> Player Stats Provider.  For tournaments the page will only appear after the groups have been created, and will be located in Tournament Admin -> (choose tournament) -> Other / Advanced Settings -> Player Stats Provider -> (choose group).  And for TheOneDB groups the page is located in Manage Site Content -> (choose group site) -> Setup & Settings -> Player Stats Provider.  
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