Classifieds Section

A classifieds section is a great tool for your users to be able to buy and sell items through your website.  All items submitted via users must go through an approval process prior to them appearing on the site.

 To create a classifieds page within your menu follow these steps:  
Manage Site Content -> Site Pages (Menu).  You should see the “Add Page” button in the top right.  In the first drop down for “page type” select “Classifieds”.  Once you have named your page, click to drag into place within the left hand column, then click “Insert & Close”. 

Prior to your users being able to submit items, you must first setup at least one group.  To setup a group go into:
Manage Site Content -> Manage Page Content -> Classifieds.  The "Add Group" button is in the top right corner.  Fill in your information as needed, then click "Insert & Close".  You may insert as many groups as needed.
After a group has been inserted, users then have the capability to insert an item for approval by visiting the Classifieds tab on the public homepage, then click "Add Classified" within the right hand column.  When an item is submitted an email will be sent to the address specified when setting up your group.  

 To manage classified items you’d go here:  Manage Site Content -> Reports -> Classifieds.  From here you’ll be able to manage Visible Listings, Items Pending Approval and Expired Listings.
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