Password Protected Pages

The password protection can apply for general pages within the site.  If you are interested in password protecting/securing documents this cannot be done under the general password protection.  Instead, a secure portal can be purchased as an upgrade  Please inquire to for more information.  

Password protection can be made on both a team level as well as an organization level by going into:  
Manage Site Content -> Password-Protection. Once in the Password Protection section you will see a box appear like this, which will show you your menu items, of which the darker items can be password protected:
If using Level 1, a single password can be entered for your page(s) as needed.  Level 2 supersedes Level 1, therefore if I were to go to a page that is password protected by Level 1, the password for a Level 2 person would also work for that page.  Level 3 supersedes both Level 1 & Level 2, therefore the password for the pages in Level 3 would work for both Level 1 & Level 2 as well.
**Note:  if you are logged into the site as an administrator and you are testing this feature, you will first need to logout of the system in order to test.  As an administrator you automatically have access to your pages.

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