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One of the features growing in popularity on the site is the Tryout Lists feature.  We have prepared a video series which explains what Tryout Lists are, why you might want to use them, and how to put them in place.  We recommend watching the entire video series at least once to understand how things work and what all the options are, however, we've broken the videos into smaller sections so you can more easily review them later.


This first video explains what tryout lists are, and discusses some of the arguments both for and against using them.

Initial Setup

This video will show how to get started with the Tryout Lists feature, including setting up the organization defaults for list settings, adding team webmasters, adding players to the tryout list for a team, and adding the tryout list page to the team's menu.

Managing the List

This video showcases how using the Tryout List feature during the tryout registration (at the actual tryout session) can help in producing evaluation sheets.  Then, after each tryout session is over, how to change the status of players as either "selected" or "released".

There is no video produced that showcases this yet, however, it is also possible to send emails to tryout list players from the Bulk Options drop-down on the View / Manage List page.  The new Bulk Email Tryout Players form will allow one or more recipients to be selected (as long as their email is provided in the tryout list) and those recipients can be sent either a custom message common to all recipients, or an automatically generated link to the tryout list page and that player's tryout code, or both.  This should greatly simplify the process of issuing the tryout code to the players when names are not being shown to the general public.  It can also be used to send a quick message to a selected group of players to let them know they're invited to an exhibition game.  Or it can be used to send an email to everyone when the list has been updated.

When Tryouts Are Over

This video shows how to print off a list of selected players once the tryouts have completed, how to delete players from the list, and how to remove the tryout list page from the team menu once it's no longer needed.

Additional Security/Privacy Options

This video showcases the many different options available when it comes to choosing what information gets displayed to the public as well as who & when can view the list

How To Try Out Schedules

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