Group Coupon

A Group Coupon allows the system to automatically detect whether a registrant is eligible for it based on the parameters you have set for the coupon. The registrant DOES NOT need to have the code to get the discount. Example: Family Discount for registering X amount of kids.

Navigate to Coupons.

Select Group.

Select your Association if applicable. Click Create to start a new coupon. You can begin to fill out the fields.

Enter a Coupon name. Choose your discount type. Is this a flat discount amount OR a percentage.

If you would like to have a limited number of these coupons available you can check off Redemption limit. Once X amount of people have redeemed the coupon, it will expire.

Choose if this coupon is based off an overall min. purchase amount OR a per-item min. purchase amount.

Difference between the 2 options:

Overall: The customer must buy a minimum of the Minimum Purchase Amount  of the specific forms specified.

Example: The user must buy at least 3 of this form to qualify. Note that you simply assign the forms you want to qualify toward that minimum amount.

Per-Item: The customer must buy a minimum of the Minimum Purchase Amount  as well as the minimum number per-product that is set when you are assigning forms to the coupon.

Example: The user must buy at least 3 products, at least two of them must be the "$10 role form" and at least 1 of them must be the "Test123" form. Note that with Per-Item selected you get to enter the minimum amounts when assigning forms.

Assign which division(s) pertain to this particular coupon. Click Assign.

Select your Division(s) and your Form(s). Click Assign. Hit Create when done.

Your Coupons will appear on the main page. You can Edit them here at anytime by clicking Actions and Edit.

You can expire the coupon at anytime by clicking Expire. When this coupon is redeemed, it will show you how many have done so. You can view all of the Registrants that have used this by clicking View Registrants.

From the Redeemed Coupons Registrations page, you have various options as shown below. You can View the registrant's form, see their summary, Email them, Change Divisions, Invoice them directly, Refund, Deny or Record Payment. TIP: All of these actions are the exact same as you'll find on the regular submission list. You don't have to go to this page to do them. You could find the submission in the regular list and complete the same actions there.

One great example of a coupon using this format is a Family Discount. It might look something like this:

You can reactivate expired coupons later if you want to bring them back.

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