Create Blank (New) Form

Navigate to Forms.


You have 3 options. Start new, copy and edit existing. click Create New to start a new form from scratch.

Create Form

Navigate to Forms. Selection your Association (If applicable.) Click Create Form.

Enter a name. Choose a start and end date. Select Tax options. Is this Price inclusive or Tax-Free? Do you need to specify a tax rate?

Do you need Financial Assistance (Jumpstart) enabled? Allows the participant to enter their Jumpstart number.

Enter a description of this form.

Assign this form to all or certain divisions. Click Assign Divisions.

You will need to do this for each division you are assigning to this form.

Enter a price - Select the price for this division.

Select your Platform fee - Taken from the principal amount or paid by the customer?

Title override - Use this field if you want to override the name of the division on the homepage.

Include an order email - Would you like this to be emailed to the registrant?

Days of Play - Would you like to list what days of play are included with this division?

Additional Info - Allows you to choose Text or a Link.

Hit Assign Divisions when you have completed this for all divisions using this form.

Your form will look something like this when completed. Hit Continue.

This will automatically direct you to the area where you can start building out your form structure and questions. See Building Your Form for help on this area.

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