Create Season

This is the first step in setting up your Registration. The "Season" is what you are registering for IE: 2023 House League, 2023 Select, 2024 Rep Try-Outs etc.

Navigate to My League - Seasons - Click on Create.

TIP: If you are the Admin for multiple associations, make sure you use the Association dropdown to work on the correct site.

TIP: If you haven't setup a Support email in the Branding section, the system will prompt you to do this before you can create your season.

Choose a name and an End date. Hit Create.

Your Season will now appear on the homepage. You can edit this at anytime by clicking on Edit. You can delete this by clicking Delete.

TIP: If you are an existing client and have previously used this platform for Registration, you can duplicate a previous season instead of creating a new one. Click Duplicate on the Season you would like to copy and give it a new name and end date. Click Duplicate.

Once you have started adding Divisions into your season, this number will update automatically.

You can always check out this section to reference what other associations have done!

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