Step 5 - Managing Scores

While the tournament is on-going, you are able to enter scores directly through the website OR via mobile. Navigate to Manage Scores. TIP: You need to have Tournament Admin or Tournament Webmaster privileges to enter scores. Typically the Tournament Convenor would be the Admin and any volunteers that need to enter scores can be set up as Tournament Webmasters so they can do so. 

There are a few ways to look at this. You can filter by Unreported Games (most common), Games by Group, Full Schedule or Games by Venue. No matter which one you use, you simply hover over the game you want to enter a score for. The game will turn to yellow and you can double click. If it turns red and you can't click on it, the game hasn't been played yet. 

Enter your score and hit update.

You can also do this through the Manage Site Content for the Tournament. It has the same Manage Scores section. This can also be done via the browser on your mobile device. 

You may run into a situation where you see this message:

This is because the system doesn't auto-advance teams into the next round. You need to assign the teams that are advancing into that division. Go back into your Scheduling section of the tournament and click Assign Teams to Divisions. Choose your division and choose the teams that need to advance. Update.

Click on the game and you can uncheck the Use Label box. This will show the actual team names instead of the label you created earlier. Update.

If Twitter was initially set up for the Tournament, scores will automatically be Tweeted once they are posted. They will also be shown on the Tournament's page on the website. 

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