Step 4 - Tournament Scheduling

Once your setup is done you are ready to move onto the scheduling part of your tournament. 

Assign Teams To Divisions

The first step is to assign teams to your divisions. (If you were using the Import function to bring your teams into the tournament and included the Divisions in your import than you won't need to do this step.)

Navigate to Manage Schedules and click on the Group you would like to do this for. 

Click on Assign Teams to Divisions in the top right corner.  Select your Division and then select which teams belong in this division (Pool A, B, Group 1, 2 etc) using the arrows. Click Update.

Once scores have come in, you will need to come back here and select which teams are moving on to the next round (Semi's, Championships etc.)

Scheduling Games

The next step is to start scheduling your games. You can do this manually or import. To schedule manually, click Add Game. 

Select your division. Game number is optional. Choose your date and time using the calendar and clock icons. TIP: The +5 and -5 icons let you move your time up or down by 5 minutes. Choose your venue and your teams. The selected preview area will show you any games entered for this team already. If you have a scenario where the divisions are crossing over, you would choose the division that the HOME teams belongs to and check the crossover button. This then allows you to select teams in another division. 

If this was a Semi-final or Final division and we don't know who is going to be playing in those games yet, you can use the label checkbox to put in a placeholder. Once you know who is going to be playing, you can come back and uncheck the label box to select the correct teams. Scores CANNOT be posted for games as long as they are using labels. 

As you build out your schedule, it will appear on the bottom of the page. To make edits to anything you have already scheduled, simply double click any of the games. You can also delete a game by hovering over it and clicking the trash icon. Use the Delete Game button in the top right corner if you wish to delete multiple games at once. You cannot delete a game that has already been played. 

If this is a large tournament, you may already have your schedule done in Excel. You have the option to import that. (Needs to be Excel 97-2003 Version. You can change this when you Save As:)

Please read the instructions on this page carefully. The expected file format is shown. The venue name needs to match either the full name of the venue or the abbreviated form. The Visitor and Team names can be just the City unless there happens to be more than one team in that group from the same city. In that case you would need to specify the full name IE: Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Bears etc. Date needs to be formatted as a date in excel. 


The schedule will now be live for the public to see as long as you have added the tournament link to your site. 

Venue Utilization

The next step in the process would be to check out your Venue Utilization page to make sure there have been no overlaps.

Any conflicts will show up in orange. You can double click any of the games to adjust them from this page. 

Check for Issues

The Check for Issues is the last page to look at. 

This will check each team and all of the games scheduled for that team. It will look to make sure that the same team isn't playing each other twice. Issues are highlighted in yellow and the opponent in red. It also checks for time between games to make sure this is spaced correctly. 

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