Step 3 - Tournament Setup

If this is your first tournament, we recommend reading through the Getting Started page in FULL. 

Copying Tournament

If you are wanting to bring over the data (venues, teams etc) from a previous Tournament within your site, you can do that by clicking Copy From Another Tournament.

This will allow you to select which tournament to copy and to check and uncheck whatever information you want to copy. Click Copy Information.

Setup Twitter

This allows the website to link to your tournament twitter account and post articles, scores and Tweets automatically. Enter your name (NO @ symbol). Click Here to Allow Automatic Status Updates if you wish to use this feature. TIP: Make sure you are logged in to the twitter account that you wish to use.

Click Update when you are done. You can also come back here to stop automatic updates at anytime. 


If you have copied your Tournament from another one in the previous section AND checked off the venues then they will already appear here. If not, you can simply click Add Tournament Venue. 

Enter your information and hit Insert. (Venues already added in your association website will appear in the drop down to easily select.)

Groups and Divisions

Groups are needed if your tournament will have more than one champion. For example, if there are different age groups, calibers, genders, etc., then you will need one group for every champion. These are a SET OF TEAMS. Under 9, Under 11 etc.) 

We recommend that if your tournament will have groups, that you set those up first. Then, setup all your divisions. 

Click Add Group. Enter Info and Insert & Close or Insert & Add Another. TIP: Dates are optional and should only be specified if this group will be participating for a different duration than the tournament. In most cases dates should not be specified. Leave gaps in the Sort Order in case you need to add more groups later. (Example. 10, 20, 30) 

Once your groups are added you can start to add your divisions.  Divisions are a set of games which will either define 1) which team(s) advance to another division or 2) which team will be the champion. If your tournament has a round robin, then you will need one division for each round robin pool PLUS a separate division for the championship (quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals, etc) games

Click Add Division. In this example you could also use Pool A (Nov-A) or Pool B (Nov-B) instead of Gr-2, Gr-1 etc. 

Select your group, choose your format, name, abbreviation and Sort Order. When choosing your division format, the most common is Round Robin. This will be a straight calculation based on WLT. Round Robin WITH BONUS allows you to enter the score and also assign each team bonus points.  If using Round Robin, don't forget you need to add an Elimination pool. (Semi, Final, Championship etc)

When you are done, your page will look something like this.

Division Settings

You can set these at the Organization level, the group level and also the division level. Simply double click on the line item you wish to edit. Anything set at the Org or Group level can be overridden at the division level. Game duration is the most important. Hit Update when done. 

Participating Teams

Click Add Team. (Can also be Imported using the Import Teams function.)

More information on Participating Teams can also be found in the new Brackets function for Tournaments

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