Adding Coaches/Team Staff Manually

Adding Coaches/Team Staff to your team is an important part of the website. Not only will the site show who the coaches are but this information also pulls to various other important parts of the website (App Rosters, Schedule changes, Coaches page etc.)   IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU ARE ENTERING THE COACH WITH THEIR EMAIL.

Master Lists

You can add Coaches to your master list under this area. (You can also add them on the fly under the Current Season) Navigate to Master Lists - Players. Add Coach.

Enter their information and Insert. Don't forget to include email.

Current Season Add

You may also add your Coaches/Team Staff by going into the current season's team and adding them from here. 

Click Add Coach or Add Staff.

If this is a coach that is already registered from a previous year OR has been added into the master list, they will appear in the Coaches Already Registered section. You can simply click on Select to add them to this team's roster. You can click Select on as many coaches as you want to add and then click Add Selected Coaches. 

You may be adding this coach on the fly. In that case, you will need to use the Register New Coach section. Fill it out and click Add.

Make sure to hit Add Selected Coach(es) at the bottom before you move on. 

You will now be able to see your roster on the display screen. 

Double click any of the coaches to Edit them at any point in time. 

You may also add Coaches from the Player Roster page in the Content section. 

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