Adding Players Manually

This section is used for showing your player roster on the website. It is not tied to the rosters for the App or to the registration portal. (Although they can be imported from the registration portal if you do wish to showcase that information here)

Master Lists

You can add Players to your master list under this area. (You can also add them on the fly under the Current Season) Navigate to Master Lists - Players. Add Player.

Enter their information and Insert.

Current Season Add

You may also add your player by going into the current season's team and adding them from here. 

Click Add Roster Players or Add Affiliate Players. 

If this is a player that is already registered from a previous year OR has been added into the master list, they will appear in the Players Already Registered section. You can simply click on Select to add them to this team's roster. You can click Select on as many players as you want to add and then click Add Selected Players. 

TIP: The Birth Year for this team is being pulled from the Max Birth Year in the Admin - Manage Seasons section for this team. If you aren't seeing the year you want for this team in the Select Birth Year dropdown than you may need to adjust the birth year in the team itself. (Admin - Manage Seasons - Current Season - Click on Team)

You may be adding this player on the fly. In that case, you will need to use the Register New Player section. Fill it out and click Add.

Make sure to hit Add Selected Player at the bottom before you move on. 

You will now be able to see your player roster on the display screen. 

Double click any of the players to Edit them at any point in time. 

You are now ready to work on the Player Roster page that will display on the website. You need to navigate to Content - dropdown to your team site - Manage Page Content - Player Roster Page. TIP: If you don't see the Player Roster page, you may need to add that page into your website.) Click Here to see how to add a new page

You can add a team photo by clicking in the Team Photo box. Click inside the box and upload from your computer. 

You can add more information about your players by double clicking their name from the main page.

TIP: If you can't click on the Bio & Photo tab, go to the Privacy button in the top right corner and Enable the checkbox for Player Profiles.

Privacy Settings

Control what is shown on the page from this area. (This can also be done in the Admin - Current Season Defaults - Privacy Settings. )

A live view of the player roster page will look something like this: 

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