Player Evaluations Setup

You need to have this feature enabled on your site. Please ask your contact at SportsHeadz to turn this on.

Once enabled, you can set up which skills you would like to evaluate. Navigate to Admin - All Season Defaults - Click on your Current Season - Evaluations. 

You can have different skills for Skaters and for Goalies. Click on the one you want to setup the skills for that group. Once you have done that, you can set up the specific skills and give them a rating scale. You can do this at the default level or you can have each team with different requirements.

Hit update when you are done. Now that you have set up the skills, you can navigate to the team’s site to begin the evaluations. Keep in mind, you need to have your roster done before this will work.

Click on Add New Evaluation and then choose your player.

Hit update once you have completed the evaluation.

To View all of the Evaluations for a certain League/Division. Navigate to that League site 

There is a section under Reports where you can view them all.

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