Linking Pages

Creating a link on your website is easy. The first step is highlighting what you are wanting to link (IE: Text, an image, etc). Highlight what you want to link and then click the link icon. 

You then select where you are wanting this to link. There are a few options: An Internal Link (Page within your site), External Link (Another website), Email or a Document (You need to have this uploaded before this will work).

Internal Link

This will pull up all of the pages you currently have in your site. Please select the page you wish to link to and hit insert. (See above image)


Enter the external web address and hit insert.


Enter the email address and the subject line (optional).


Click on the document you would like to link to and hit insert. TIP - You need to upload the document into your website BEFORE it will show up in this list. The best place to do this is under Admin - View/Manage Files. 

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