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Associations who host tournaments may be interested in adding the "Tournament Hosting" add-on module to the site. This module adds the ability for the tournament information to be fully integrated into the main association website, including the tournament structure (groups & divisions), teams, schedules, and standings. Plus the tournament has its own site to post its own news items, events, sponsors, galleries, and more.

These videos assume that your association has already purchased the tournament module. If you'd like to have this module enabled for your site, contact:

Getting Started

This first video shows how to add your tournament(s) to the season. Once a tournament has been added to the season, the site will automatically provide a link to the tournament site in the right-hand column of the home page. However, site administrators may also want to provide additional links to the tournament, so this video shows the various ways to do that. Lastly, this video shows how to create logins for the tournament-level administrators.

Website Content

This video will show some of the features available within the Manage Site Content module for the tournament. This includes the tournament pages (menu), news & events, sponsors, and linking to Twitter. It also showcases the tournament "kiosk views" available which can eliminate the need for paper-based standings which are traditionally manually updated throughout the tournament.

Setup (Venues, Groups &  Divisions, Teams)

This video showcases how to setup the main tournament structure, including the groups & divisions, and the tournament venues. It also shows how this information can be copied from a previous tournament within the same website. Once setup, this video also showcases how to setup division settings, such as points awarded for win/loss/tie, game durations, colour-coding, etc. Lastly, it shows how to add or import the participating teams.

Managing Schedules

After setting up the tournament structure (venues, groups & divisions, teams), the schedules can be loaded into the site. This video shows how to add games individually as well as how to import games from an Excel spreadsheet. It also showcases how to assign teams to their respective divisions, which is required in order to assign those teams to their games. This video also introduces some of the reports available to help analyze the schedule and address any issues.

Managing Scores

This video showcases how to enter scores - both from a traditional desktop browser as well as from a mobile device. It also showcases how to advance teams from a preliminary round (ie round robin) to the tournament round (ie championships), which is required in order to properly assign those teams to their games.

Team Rosters, Reports & Other Features

This last video shows how to use the optional team rosters feature, including how to request each team manager enter their own rosters. If rosters have been submitted, the roster data can be exported (for use in a program, for example). This video also showcases some of the reports available, including the first game report, venue utilization report, and issue checker report.

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